Equispon® is manufactured from purified gelatine foam, which gives it a uniform porosity and reacts neutrally. The dried foam is cut, packaged and sterilised using gamma radiation. The radiation dose used on Equispon is 2.5 Mrad (25 kGy). Equispon is immediately available for use in the operating theatre and does not require any sterilisation by dry heat or autoclaving. The products are double packed, double sterile. Equispon has demonstrated to achieve haemostasis within a few minutes.


Equispon is a local haemostatic sponge for use in surgical procedures that involve venous bleeding and oozing where traditional haemostasis is difficult or impractical and the use of non-absorbable materials is undesirable. Equispon has demonstrated to achieve haemostasis within a few minutes.

Mode of application

Equispon may be used in dry form or after immersion in physiological saline which must be removed before the sponge is applied. Equispon must be pressed firmly against the haemorrhage site. The sponge may remain in situ (after strict aseptic measures have been taken) and the wound may be closed, as the sponge completely decomposes within a few weeks. Equispon does not provoke any harmful tissue reaction or any reaction of hypersensitivity. The advantage of Equispon is the ability to use it simultaneously with antibiotics, chemotherapeutic medications or thrombin without any reduction of the sponge’s haemostatic effect.

Haemostatic Mechanism

Equispon adheres to the bleeding site and absorbs approximately 50 times its own weight. Due to the uniform porosity of Equispon, blood platelets are caught and the coagulation cascade is activated, transforming soluble fibrinogen into a net of insoluble fibrin which stops the bleeding. When implanted into tissue, Equispon is absorbed within 2 – 3 weeks. Equispon is completely bio-absorbable.

Equispon Dental & Tampon

Dental: In oral and dental surgery, Equispon Dental aids haemostasis and the obliteration of dead space created by the extraction of teeth, root amputations and the removal of cysts, tumours and impacted teeth.

Tampon: The Equispon Tampon is inserted in dry form by means of a proctoscope at the conclusion of surgery. Place a dry gauze within the natal cleft. The buttocks must be kept together by means of an adhesive plaster, then by a T-bandage. Bacterial invasion provokes rapid decomposition of the sponge, causing it to disappear automatically. The Equispon Tampon comes with an aperture through which a drain may be inserted to eliminate the build-up of gas.


Equispon should not be used in closure of skin incisions because it may interfere with the healing of skin edges.


When placed into cavities or closed tissue spaces, minimal preliminary compression is advised and care should be exercised to avoid overpacking (the sponge expands upon absorption of liquid). Equispon may swell to its original size and the absorbed fluids may increase the risk of nerve damage. Equispon should be removed from the site of application when used in, around or in proximity to foramina in bone, areas limited by bone, the spinal cord and/or the optic nerve and chiasma. Due to the fact that Equispon may form a nidus for infection, it must not be left in infected areas; it must be removed once bleeding has been controlled.

Keep dry Sterile Use only once Store under 25ºC Do not use when package has been opened or has been damaged.