Equigen® is manufactured from the highest purified intact Type I Collagen. Equigen is from fish origin. Equigen is a local haemostatic collagen sponge for use in surgical procedures that involve venous bleeding and oozing where traditional haemostasis is difficult or impractical and the use of non-absorbable materials is undesirable.

Equigen adheres to the bleeding site and absorbs approximately 50 times its own weight. Due to the uniform porosity of Equigen, blood platelets are caught and the coagulation cascade is activated, transforming soluble fibrinogen into a net of insoluble fibrin which stops the bleeding.

Equigen does not provoke any harmful tissue reaction or any reaction of hypersensitivity. The advantage of Equigen is the ability to use it simultaneously with antibiotics, chemotherapeutic medications or thrombin without any reduction of the sponge’s haemostatic effect. Equigen may be used in dry form or after immersion in physiological saline or thrombin. Squeeze the sponge to remove air bubbles.

Apply to the size of hemorrhage and hold in place for approximately 15 seconds. The sponge may remain in situ (after strict aseptic measures have been taken) and the wound may be closed, as the sponge will be completely absorbed.

Types of Equigen Packs